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Meet Frank our Technical Director

Article by: Hannah in General - 26 January

Our Technical Director Frank Martin is now in his 50th year of service in the automotive engineering industry. His career began in 1971 with J H Richards the then parent company of Coventry Boring & Metalling.

Frank started as an apprentice in General and Mechanical Engineering and has gained exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the internal combustion engine and related engineering over this time and remains extremely passionate about the industry and is still hands on to this day. 

His diagnostic ability to identify problems and faults is second to none whether by sight looking at patterns of wear or by using technical assessment methods. Frank is renowned for his extensive knowledge gained over these 5 decades – knowledge that spans automotive, commercial, industrial and marine engineering and he is also a specialist and leading exponent in white metalling and rotational part reclamation. and brings a unique set of skills for the benefit of previous Coventry Boring customers and new ones as an integral and important part of what is now Fiennes Engineering.