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Fiennes Engineering – meet the team,
part three

Article by: Hannah in General - 20 August

The skills required in any sector of engineering are along the same lines – precision, attention to detail, confidence and accuracy. Our engineers have all of these attributes, but with the requirements of the automotive trade, in particular those vehicles where parts are no longer available, an ability to adapt and think outside the box also comes with the job, and to our engineers, comes naturally. So when we go through to engineering and say “here’s a part, I need a new one but there’s no drawing or blueprint”, they’re not phased but instead excited at the prospect of re-creating or developing something that no one else can do – a true craft.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve already introduced you to some of our team in Part One and Part Two of Meet the Team. Today, we’d like to continue this and introduce you to Dave and Hugh…

Dave: Engineer – After leaving school, and learning on the job, Dave went into data cabling and spent 10 years gaining experience in this area of the industry. Following a change of career path, Dave turned to lorry driving, travelling all over the UK, day and night and eventually spent 8 years in this role. However, as well as irregular sleep patterns and night shifts on the lorries, Dave also studied various machining courses at college, dipping his toes back into engineering. This turned his career then to South Cerney Engineering, where he began an apprenticeship with the company in engineering. Learning the ropes of engine reconditioning including anything from Ferraris to tractors, Dave honed his machining skills and gained more and more knowledge of the sector. Dave joined Fiennes in 2019, faced with a new challenge and moving to CNC machines. Dave’s skill and knowledge of our ST30 makes any engineering task achievable, from his expertise in part production or restoration modification tasks, he is an asset to the team.

Hugh: Engineer – Hugh has a vast experience in the engineering industry including the manufacture of medical equipment and machinery. Starting an apprenticeship straight from school, Hugh went to AKB Engineering where he learnt the ropes in milling and turning on a brand new Bridgeport Mill. He spent over 4 years here, before turning to something a little different and becoming a motorbike instructor. After 3 years, Hugh dedicated his time to his children and was a full time father, working part time in various areas including engineering, and maintenance. The engineering sector called him back after his children went to school, and he joined another engineering company, specialists in medical machinery and nuclear industry equipment. It was here that Hugh had his first experience of CNC machinery, and was thrown in at the deep end with manufacturing components made from a nylon material, with glass elements! Hugh then joined a different engineering company, using the knowledge and confidence he’d gained on the CNC machines, and turned this skill to automotive components including some Formula One work. After 3 years there, Hugh joined us at Fiennes and his expertise and skill on the CNC machines is a strong string to our bow. From parts production and restoration project modifications, Hugh looks after the VF4 and Mini Mill, his precision and expertise vital to our team.

As our team is continuing to grow, we’ll be introducing them to you, so check back soon!