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Fiennes Engineering – Meet the Team, Part Two

Article by: Hannah in General - 6 August

The skills required in any sector of engineering are along the same lines – precision, attention to detail, confidence and accuracy. Our engineers have all of these attributes, but with the requirements of the automotive trade, in particular those vehicles where parts are no longer available, an ability to adapt and think outside the box also comes with the job, and to our engineers, comes naturally. So when we go through to Fiennes Engineering and say “here’s a part, I need a new one but there’s no drawing or blueprint”, they’re not phased but instead excited at the prospect of re-creating or developing something that no one else can do – a true craft.

So last week, we met Frank, our Technical Director, and Ian, our Workshop Manager in Part One of Meet the Team. Let’s introduce you to the next two members of this fantastic team…

Heather: Engineering Coordinator – from organising the workload on the machines, ordering materials and the variety of paperwork required to run an engineering machine shop, Heather keeps the machines turning and everything running smoothly! But Heather’s knowledge and experience as an engineer and in the industry is what makes her a true asset to Fiennes Engineering. After leaving school, Heather went to Smiths Industries in Witney, an engineering company involved in the manufacture of precision fans, for a 4 year apprenticeship in engineering, covering all aspects of the industry and specialising in her final year in purchasing. Whilst working on her apprenticeship, Heather also completed a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. Once her four years of apprenticeship were passed, Heather continued at Smiths Industries for a further 5 years, working in production engineering, manufacturing tooling for the shop floor and time and motion studies. Following the birth of her first daughter, Heather concentrated on her family and took up a local part time job until having her second daughter. When her children were of nursery age, Heather decided go back to work and spent 8 years at Grundons working in the lab, ensuring their aggregates met the specification. Then in 2002, Heather saw an job advert in the local newspaper for Fiennes. In her 19 years at Fiennes, Heather has a wealth of knowledge across the board of brands, and is invaluable to our Machine Shop.

Steve: Engineer – When Steve left school in 1975, he went to work at a brass founders where he spent a few years, learning on the job and gaining experience. Steve then moved to a pattern shop, and with the training of the pattern maker, he learnt the skill of white metalling. Here he created white metal and wood patterns, however the business eventually decided to close and Steve moved on, with the pattern maker that had trained him, to a foundry where he finished his training. Following the closure of this business, Steve took a few months out, working with his father until he moved to a marine instrument manufacturer. Steve worked in a variety of areas here, gaining experience in milling, drilling, working on the lathe, polishing, assembling and glass fitting. After 3 years here, Steve then moved to JH Richards, where he met Frank, starting as a fitter. In the years Steve spent at JH Richards, his skill of white metalling was called back into action, as well as other areas of engineering including vertical and horizontal boring, lathe work and CNC machining. After 33 years, Steve moved to Coventry Boring and Metalling, and with Frank, spent many years continuing similar work to that of JH Richards. Now at Fiennes Engineering, Steve’s vast knowledge and understanding of all areas of engineering are exceptional and so important to our team.

Check back in a couple of week’s time to meet the rest of our team..