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Fiennes Engineering – Meet the Team, Part One

The skills required in any sector of engineering are along the same lines – precision, attention to detail, confidence and accuracy. Our engineers have all of these attributes, but with the requirements of the automotive trade, in particular those vehicles where parts are no longer available, an ability to adapt and think outside the box […]

Fiennes & Car SOS
– Behind the Scenes

Car SOS is an incredibly popular TV programme on National Geographic that began in 2013 and is now in its 9th Series. Presented by Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend it has captured the hearts and imagination of viewers by restoring vehicles that have been nominated by a relative or friend without the knowledge of their […]

Even older than a Model T Ford

Adding to our catalogue of work on rare and unusual engines such as vintage tractors, industrial machinery and aero-engines, Frank Martin and his team at Fiennes Engineering have just carried out a job on an early Schacht automobile engine. The Schacht Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturer of automobiles from 1904 that was started by […]

Old Tractors & Us

The first commercially successful petrol-powered general-purpose tractor was built by British inventor Dan Albone in 1901. He went on to form Ivel Agricultural Motors Limited and, very much to the point, called his machine the Ivel Agricultural Motor. The word tractor as we are familiar with today did not come into common use until later. It […]

Will Fiennes & making parts
– in his own words

In 1971 as a result of escalating costs incurred in the development of the RB211 jet engine Rolls-Royce was bankrupt.  The aero-engine business was nationalised and the then profitable car business passed to a new company, eventually to be sold to Vickers.  It was important to maintain the profitability and within this scheme the needs […]

Why Fiennes Engineering
began making parts

The story begins with one man and his passion for classic cars starting with a 1936 Riley Merlin. Will Fiennes purchased the car whilst still a student at Oxford in the mid-sixties and maintained it himself. This led him to join the Riley Register and, with his engineering aptitude, he soon became their “spares man” and was making a small income to supplement his academic life.

Meet Frank our Technical Director

I am now approaching my 50th year with the business having joined the then parent company back in 1971 as an apprentice in Mechanical and General Engineering. Now, in 2020, with a highly skilled team, we provide our customers with full engine reconditioning services with experience ranging from automobiles to aviation and industrial engines.