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Engines & Us: 1904 Lanchester

There are many interesting engine models that pass through the roller shutter door of Fiennes Engineering. All are important but sometimes a little more appreciation is required when the engine surpasses the 100 year old mark. So when Frank, our Technical Director, told me Fiennes Engineering had been asked to assist with the repair of […]

Even older than a Model T Ford

Adding to our catalogue of work on rare and unusual engines such as vintage tractors, industrial machinery and aero-engines, Frank Martin and his team at Fiennes Engineering have just carried out a job on an early Schacht automobile engine. The Schacht Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturer of automobiles from 1904 that was started by […]

Old Tractors & Us

The first commercially successful petrol-powered general-purpose tractor was built by British inventor Dan Albone in 1901. He went on to form Ivel Agricultural Motors Limited and, very much to the point, called his machine the Ivel Agricultural Motor. The word tractor as we are familiar with today did not come into common use until later. It […]

Working on something unique

One project we were recently entrusted to handle was that of an incredibly rare 1908 Type 23 Napier Limousine. D Napier & Son was a British engineering company best known for luxury motor cars in the Edwardian period and who also made aircraft engines.